Happy Christmas from Lacock The Abbey’s Great Hall and cloisters are beautifully dressed for the season, with decorations inspired by a Fox Talbot family Christmas in 1845. Why not try one of the lovely comfortable Windsor chairs, modern copies in the style of Chippendale, and toast your toes by the log fire. No mulled wine… Read More 2014

Short Stories

The Seend Shearman

The Seend Shearman Inspired by a hidden gem in Wiltshire See there. Up, up a bit.  Right.  Over  th’ arch  of  chapel window. Tucked away. Keeping dry and sharp,  ready for use when shearing time.  My work. By my hand that used to shear the cloth, trimming the threads teased by the teasels. Cloth for… Read More The Seend Shearman