Cliché heaven

I like the cover illustration of ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Well done, Chris Fielden. Not easy to think of an image to convey the theme of the book. Out now A delightful and funny collection of a hundred cliché-ridden flash fiction stories. Mine is No 83 NO PAIN,… Read More Cliché heaven

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100 authors

Message from Chris Fielden to all the authors who submitted entries to his themed anthologies. ‘I’m proud to present Tritely Challenged Volume 1, the first book in the Tritely Challenged Series. The book was officially released on Saturday 28th April 2018 and contains 100 cliché-crammed flash-fiction stories, written by 100 authors who submitted their stories… Read More 100 authors


A splash of colour

Aubrieta in garden borders or spilling over walls and rockeries is a lovely sight. Brash and brilliant mats of colour – whether Blue Beauty,  Royal Violet or Purple Cascade, the most common ones. It’s an honest, reliable and easy-going plant, requiring no care whatsoever. I wondered where the name came from and after a bit… Read More A splash of colour


Down Walcot Way

A few things have changed down Walcot Street in Bath since Jane Austen went shopping for decorative fruit and flowers in June 1799. She was looking for a present for her sister Cassandra – fashionable items (and expensive so it seemed) to decorate her bonnets. A plum or greengage would cost three shillings; cherries and… Read More Down Walcot Way


Every word counts

‘Nobody in England had written such a book as The Old Wives’ Tale in such a way. It had not the exuberance of Dickens; nor the ironic sentiment of Thackeray. It was less brilliant than Meredith and less nobly tragic than Hardy. But, on the other hand, it had a warmth and kindness quite foreign… Read More Every word counts