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Sweet Heaven

Sunday afternoon, 1958. Between Life with the Lyons and Sing Something Simple on the Home Service, my father is in the kitchen making his special treacle toffee. Clattering and tut-tutting, he lays out everything with military precision on the daffodil yellow Formica table.  In crisp blue and white striped apron, he looks like a butcher but… Read More Sweet Heaven

Blog, Short Stories

An Offering

Ice and wind, flood and fire have borne down on this land of mine. Ridges, valleys, tors and fells, formed by nature’s path through time. I live where Romans built their camps and kept their watch. I walk where Saxons ground their corn and kept their stock. I climb where early man once kept his… Read More An Offering

Short Stories

The Seend Shearman

The Seend Shearman Inspired by a hidden gem in Wiltshire See there. Up, up a bit.  Right.  Over  th’ arch  of  chapel window. Tucked away. Keeping dry and sharp,  ready for use when shearing time.  My work. By my hand that used to shear the cloth, trimming the threads teased by the teasels. Cloth for… Read More The Seend Shearman