Look on the bright side

Sad to say…

another woman’s magazine, which publishes short stories, closes its doors to unsolicited submissions. Fewer opportunities of publication for writers of this genre as a result.

I was sorry to receive a letter this week, accompanying a returned short story manuscript I had submitted to Take A Break Fiction Feast, stating that from now onwards, they – Bauer Media, would only be commissioning stories from ‘a preferred list of fiction writers’. It’s a good few years since I had a story published by the magazine – so, sadly, I do not have a track record with them at the moment.

Look on the bright side. Another day dawns – new opportunites.

I have recently discovered Christopher Fielden’s Short Story/Flash Fiction Challenges, which are a wonderful way of cutting your teeth, sharpening your talons – whatever metaphor suits your skill level of short story writing. You get an automatic readership as entries are published immediately online and may be published in an anthology at a later date. It’s also a good showcase for any writer – seeing your name in print. Some very good stuff on the website with interesting styles and subjects.

This evening I polished off a 175 word story for Allen’s Sensory Overload Writing Challenge – from an idea I already had.

If you’re interested, have a look at  Story 109  at

I am just starting a story for the 81 words Challenge. How to condense your thoughts into a mini drama in so few words really is a challenge to any writer.  More like writing poetry than prose. That will take a bit longer to write but it’s very good for practising your editing skills. Ever word counts. Nothing superfluous. Not a word more or a word less in this one.

Why not join the online community – so easy to submit, and lots to read for free.