Tiffin Tins and Cooking Pots

When Soak Becomes Spill, the monumental stainless steel sculpture by Subodh Gupta, greets you at the entrance to Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Bruton, Somerset. The huge elongated bucket, brimming over with hundreds of cooking pots, tiffin tins and small vessels, dominates the forecourt of the site, and prepares the visitor for an unusual and stimulating visit. It echoes the scale and ambition of the new galleries in converted farm buildings of Durslade Farm, the mid-18th century Grade II listed property.

The galleries are as dramatic and large-scale as the art on display.

Untitled  half figure Hans Josephsohn

I was rather taken with Josephsohn’s work. I was pleasantly surprised to see how my approach to sculpture and my finished pieces were not dissimilar in style  – although his are obviously scaled up and been cast in brass. Other more abstract sculptures, inside the gallery, had the feel of megaltiths, the human form embedded in the stark structures, faces just discernible through the rugged surfaces.