As Dolly Parton once sang

Workin’ 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin’

9 to 5 musical box

I am listening to my musical box instead of working. Watching the two little mice turn – little girl mouse watching little boy mouse, who is loaded down with pens, pencils and a huge rubber and paperclip. Not sure if they’ve been raiding a stationery cupboard and boy mouse is showing off how strong he is with his pile of writing tools or they are hoping to write a long tale together.

Well, we all have our little distractions when the words don’t seem to flow, inspiration is in short supply and we’re waiting for one of those all-important emails.

Mine is a publisher’s response to a book proposal I’ve emailed. I’m waiting for an acknowledgement of its arrival. I don’t mind the usual automatic office reply – ‘I am out of the office until…’  as long as  commissioning editor has received my email. That’s all I want. To know that it is sitting in someone’s inbox and will be dealt with or passed on.

It’s a waiting game. Writers are always waiting for something. Not for Godot but for editors, proof readers, royalty cheques – as well as inspiration.