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Beware new phishing variant

This is an update of my earlier No phishing here  blog. I may need to pen another poem to accompany it.

Just as the coronavirus mutates and a ‘new variant’ develops, and new protections are set in place, it is matched in the world of scamming. Not called Delta or Omicron – it’s still known as  SCAM.

The ‘new variant’ is what I term it – a turn-around SCAM. It offers help with dealing with scams. We can help you get back the money/bitcoins/assets you have lost. A friendly hand reaching out to you.

Even though my SPAM SCAMS have reduced since a further update of my online security, the odd one still slips past the guardians.

Here is an extract (below) from the ‘new variant’ – which I have forwarded, as recommended, to This time the message has a completely different tone. It has a benevolent voice. The writing is literate, objective and professional-sounding. He throws in technical terms to give you confidence that you are in the hands of a professional, working with other professionals –  professional what? Scammers?  He’s not asking for your money- just wants to save you.

First of all, there is no shame in being the victim of one of  these sophisticated and predatory operations. By coming forward  you may be able to recover some or all of your lost funds and  prevent the scammers from targeting others. they have an excellent track record in holding scammers to  account including having assets frozen, even where companies have  been set up using fake information. Their approach is based on close collaboration with forensic  accountants and other experts, prosecution agencies (both  domestic and international) to trace and recover stolen assets                Genius Recovery Advocate

You are then asked to click onto his email address. DON’T

Forward your suspicious email  –  best done with a screen shot of the offending email and then attached to your email to

and then DELETE the suspicious email

* * * * * *

 February 2022 – update from National Cyber Security Centre

As of 31st January 2022 the number of reports received stand at more than 10,000,000 with the removal of more than 73,000 scams across 135,000 URLs.