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1770-1982 – a pretty good record

At last I have a date for the book launch and am pleased to hold it at  Calne Heritage Centre where much of the material I used –  photographs in particular, are  held.

This week, as I went about town, shopping and walking around, enjoying the sunshine and watching the ducks on the river Marden, I met people who stopped to ask,  ‘Is it out yet?’

My answer was half and half. Yes, it’s “out’-  published and the books are stacked up in warehouses but awaiting their release to bookshops the first week in June – and then a bit later for Amazon. Let’s hope the indie bookshops are able to benefit from this hiatus, before Amazon grabs all the potential buyers.

The book has been advertised online on bookshops and Amazon for months with the ‘currently unavailable’ notice. Some have already discounted the book from the £15.99 retail price.  Even Amberley has lowered its price. I never understand why. Sadly, my royalties (which are very modest) are decreased obviously, but I suppose the offer attracts more people to buy books and therefore it balances out.

I was pleased to receive my complimentary copies and to hold the book and scrutinise the finished product.

I’m happy with it. It looks pretty good. I’m very pleased with the design and layout of the 155 images, integrated into the text. I haven’t found any errors so far – but wait till the eagle-eyed readers get hold of it and I bet someone is going to say – that dates not right or that’s not how you spell my grandfather’s name.

I believe in the Japanese practice of Self-reflection known as  Hansei. 

Hansei (反省, “self-reflection”) is a central idea in Japanese culture, meaning to acknowledge one’s own mistake and to pledge improvement.

Hansei implies that nobody and nothing is perfect and it’s considered a valuable tool for growth in Japan. Read more

And I’m not going to beat myself up about any imperfections.