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On the look out

Q  What did I see in The White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough, Centre News, Calne and Best of British magazine?

A  My book C& T Harris (Calne): an Illustrated History on display and reviewed in a magazine.

I’ve started taking photos of places where I’ve seen my book for sale. Sort of ‘Where’s Wally?’ but without Wally. Early days with the search.

1st place, book launch at Calne Heritage Centre – a neat row of copies, courtesy of Devizes Books      You Tube
2nd place, in the Wiltshire section, White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough – next to my  The Little Book of Wiltshire. Double whammy!
3rd place, side by side with Rowan Atkinson in Centre News, Calne
4th place, David Brown’s review, Best of British, July 2022