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It’s arrived

I wonder what Charles Waite would say, if he was alive today, about his book  – Survivor of the Long March : five years as a POW 19340-1945 – co-written with me, which has just been translated into Chinese. It is published by China Pictorial Publishing House and available on Amazon. Of course, I’ll never know  how… Read More It’s arrived


We’re in the money …

My last a royalty statement from The History Press contained a pleasant surprise. Instead of the usual modest amount – double figures, it was into triple numbers. I looked more closely at the statement to see why Survivor of the Long March, Five Years as a POW (1939-1945), which I co-wrote with Charles Waite, had… Read More We’re in the money …

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POW No: 10511

Charles Henry Waite: 1919-2012 Private in the 2/7th Queen’s Royal Regiment, 1939-1946 POW in Stalag 20B, 1940-1945 Survivor the Long March Five years as a POW, 1940-1945 by Charles Waite with Dee La Vardera. Foreword by Terry Waite CBE. The History Press, 2012. Charles Waite passed away peacefully at home in Kidderminster on 10 February… Read More POW No: 10511