Chinese New Year

And it’s the Year of the Pig- who’d have guessed? Thank you Wiltshire Museum for this tweet.

Wiltshire Museum (@WiltshireMuseum)
Happy Chinese New Year! 2019 is year of the pig. Famous pigs in Wiltshire include a Calne bronze sculpture, which made 2017 national news after it was stolen and subsequently recovered. The pig heist tale is told in Dee La Vardera’s Bringing Home the Bacon, available in our shop.

According to chinese new year website – pigs are the symbol of wealth. Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well. I’m taking the headline ‘Pigs have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life’ with a pinch of salt or should that be  with a dab of mustard! So I bought myself a pig with a plant.  I usually manage to kill indoor plants within a week. If it survives a month that will be a good omen for the year ahead – even though I’m a Rat (we won’t go into that here) I can hope.  Lots of commissions and lots of sales of my Bringing Home the Bacon.