All the time in the world – alphabetical days – M

Alphabetical Days

M is for
Mallards, moss, Mantel, Mel and me

More writing, more reading, more radio, and more cooking. Time to do more of the things I enjoy doing at home. Apart from having Hilary Mantel’s latest book The Mirror and the Light to read, I have plans to read Anna Karenina, having bought a lovely Folio edition from Oxfam Books online, with illustrations by Dodie Masterman.

I do like bigger print (my eyes are still settling down after my two cataract ops) and this one volume fits the bill, in spite of its being rather heavy at 2.5kg. Hilary Mantel, however, weighs 2.75kg but whether it is weightier in the literary sense I have yet to find out.

On my daily constitutional, I walk around my estate, part of which borders the river Marden, with a walk along the bosky riverbank and through woodland. I’ve watched mallards on the river swimming by and I’ve stopped to admire clusters of daffodils on the bank, and look at moss on the trunks of the trees.

The smaller your world becomes, the more detail you notice in everything activities and the things around you – often unnoticed or taken for granted.


I have just discovered Mel Giedroyc is Quilting podcast with Andy Bush. I am hooked on their delightful conversations while they create a quilt made from small pieces of material sent in by members of the public – revealing the stories behind each piece of fabric as they stitch. It is hilarious, touching, informative and very relaxing too. Whilst the quilting is centre stage it creates the opportunity tfor the listener to eavesdrop on two friends having a good chat and sharing experiences and thoughts as they stitch and discuss where to place each square.

The podcast is a breath of fresh air – without having to go out of one’s front door.