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The ginger cat of Morris Lane

George, guardian of Morris Lane

Well, that’s the name I give the lovely long-haired ginger cat which is always either lying on the ground, having a snooze, or lying on the brick wall, having a snooze, or walking up and down.

He always comes to greet me – probably does that to everyone who passes along this delightful cut-through between Long Street and Bridewell Street in Devizes. The lane which has the magnificent example of late Georgian architecture: Lansdowne Terrace.

I always wonder where he lives – who his owner is. He certainly has a strong sense of  belonging in Morris Lane – totally at home, with all the freedom that is offered in a lane without traffic.

Long may he live to patrol that corner of  Devizes.

O ginger cat of Morris Lane,
coat as long as a lion’s mane.
You’re brave, defiant, guarding all.
Quite often sprawling on a wall.

You walk behind, you walk ahead,
you’re not a vagrant, you look well fed.
I do not stroke you, I do not stare.
I smile, walk on without a care.
Let no one tease you,
squeeze you,
seize you.
Grab you, jab you,

poke or soak.
Beware the rogues, the scallies,

I’m sure you recognise those buggers.
I hope your days go by with pleasure
because you are a local treasure.

© Dee La Vardera 2020