A pinch of Salt


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Like Henry V at Agincourt, another window of opportunity has appeared  – to advance and face the battle of the best books to be taken on by an indie publisher.

Again, thanks to Writing Magazine and Tina Jackson’s column – UK Book Market, I read about another submission window at Salt Publishing. I’d heard of them before but wasn’t sure whether to give them a go and send in my Straw and Feathers collection. After another prompt from a writing magazine, I thought – why not?

‘We make a positive difference to your imaginative life’  Salt promises

This is exactly what I want my writing to do, and my short fiction, which captures a range of people and their experiences and viewpoints. To entertain and to expand horizons of the mind.

Nothing to lose. No hard copy to post, or paying for postage, just a couple of clicks – SUBMIT. They do have a longer response time – up to six months, which is quite a wait compared with other publishers who say two to three months.

I hope, above all, that they do let me know if it’s a NO. I don’t expect a critique or feedback; a simple email will do. Closure, they call it. Move on. Try again somewhere else.