Figures in a landscape

A selection of sculptures from the exhibition ‘Spirit and Endeavour’ in Salisbury Cathedral Close, and ‘Sculpture in the Landscape’ at West Leaze Farm, Aldbourne.
Blue skies and sunshine – perfect conditions for viewing art outdoors  and taking photographs.

Spring, John O’Connor, mixed media copper


Focused, Michael Speller, foundry bronze
Artichoke Man, Jane Muir, ceramic stoneware
Artichoke Man 2, Jane Muir, ceramic stoneware

Surfaces, textures, stature, solidity
either to blend into the landscape or stand out
proudly as intruder, guardian, casual observer of
nature around and watchers passing
You measure yourself against the figure
and find yourself wanting
Some are to touch, others to avoid, too angular, too smooth,
too rough to fingertips
Stand back, stand close, view from all angles
how man/woman is portrayed
fixed in stoneware, steel and fibre glass
body stretched out, reaching out to something unseen
no flesh, no softness, no warmth
but strength inner and outer
Austerity, grandeur, intimacy, wit
A figure silhouetted against a bright blue sky
autumn shadows darken a face
images etched in the mind

Bird Head Woman, Jane Muir, ceramic stoneware
Themis, Tobias Ford, welded steel, rusted and sealed
Large Reclining Figure , Henry Moore, fibreglass, 1983, Salisbury Close
Sitting Couple on Bench, Lynn Chadwick, stainless steel, 1990, Salisbury Close
Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure from another angle.