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80 years of service

‘The ultimate strength of a nation lies not in her trading, nor in the multitude of her trading transactions. It’s not found in her banking operations nor in the acumen of her leaders. The ultimate strength of a nation lies in the character of the men and women who are the nation, and voluntary service… Read More 80 years of service


Lest We Forget

Calne War Memorial is currently under restoration by The War Memorial Restoration Company. They have replaced old and broken steps around the memorial, restored the original paths, and have cleaned the memorial with high temperature steam, known as the DOFF system The names of the Fallen are being re-cut and highlighted with paint. Calne branch… Read More Lest We Forget


Cliché heaven

I like the cover illustration of ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Well done, Chris Fielden. Not easy to think of an image to convey the theme of the book. Out now A delightful and funny collection of a hundred cliché-ridden flash fiction stories. Mine is No 83 NO PAIN,… Read More Cliché heaven