Cover story

What I’ve learned about self-publishing this week: It’s hard work. Not hard physical labour like harvesting the wheat in this heatwave, more like soft brain work – exercising the little grey cells. You are responsible for every aspect of the publishing process unless you have loads of relatives or friends with skills you can call upon… Read More Cover story


Bring me sunshine

Who put the sunglasses and red lips on The Calne Head?  Whoever did, has put a smile on the faces of passersby.  It’s a chilly, dark miserable start to November. Let’s have more things to cheer us up as winter draws in. How about  a couple of sombreros on the pigs when the sculpture is… Read More Bring me sunshine

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What are we waiting for?

We are waiting for the re-installation of the Calne bronze pigs sculpture by Richard Cowdy which was stolen on Sunday evening, 10 October by a gang from Swindon; and through the power of social media was recovered and returned. After some repairs to the damaged base, the pigs will be welcomed home to Phelps Parade… Read More What are we waiting for?


Calne Heritage Week

Bringing Calne’s past to life with a week of open days, talks and guided walks. From bee-keeping to bell-ringing, Quakers to coaching inns,  and sausages to ancestry searching, there is something of interest for everyone.  Calne Heritage Centre and Calne Town Council have pulled out all the stops to make Heritage Week bigger and better… Read More Calne Heritage Week