Lest We Forget

Calne War Memorial is currently under restoration by The War Memorial Restoration Company. They have replaced old and broken steps around the memorial, restored the original paths, and have cleaned the memorial with high temperature steam, known as the DOFF system

Steam cleaning Calne War Memorial (photo by Rod Rhodes)

The names of the Fallen are being re-cut and highlighted with paint.

Philip Ryles , letter cutter, at work on Calne War Memorial

Calne branch of the Royal British Legion has been working in partnership with Calne Town Council, Salisbury Diocese, Slade Smith and Winrow Architects, and the War Memorial Restoration Company. The work on the restoration has been funded by generous donations by local people and grants.

Calne should be proud that this memorial to the Fallen of both wars will continue to stand in St Mary’s Churchyard for generations to come to visit to pay their respect.

The re-dedication service will take place on Saturday, May 26 at St Mary’s Church, Calne at 11 am and the Marquess of Lansdowne will unveil the memorial. All are welcome to attend.

Calne War Memorial
Grade II listed

Curent restoration work by The War Memorial Restoration Company

Taken from Historic England

DESCRIPTION: The memorial constructed of Portland stone takes the form of the Cross of Sacrifice designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield in 1918. It is a tall, Latin cross with a bronze downward facing sword affixed to the tapering octagonal shaft, which is set into an octagonal plinth. The plinth rests upon a base with a capping stone; and the whole stands on three octagonal steps, surrounded by paving.

The principle dedicatory inscription on the front face of the plinth reads IN GRATEFUL/ AND/ ABIDING REMEMBRANCE/ OF THE MEN/ WHO WENT FROM THE/ PARISH OF CALNE/ TO THE/ GREAT WAR/ 1914 – 1918/ AND GAVE THEIR LIVES/ IN THE CAUSE OF/ FREEDOM AND RIGHT. The other sides of the plinth are inscribed with the names of the fallen from the First World War.

The front face of the base bears the inscription ALSO/ IN MEMORY OF THOSE/ WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES/ IN THE WAR OF/ 1939 – 1945. The names of the fallen from the Second World War are recorded on the remaining faces of the base.