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Another submission

Thanks to Writing Magazine and an article in their latest issue about Reflex Press.

Very pleased to have found another publisher to send my short story collection to.

Reflex Press launched in December 2018 as a spin-off from the Reflex flash fiction competition. After two years of running the competition and reading over three thousand pieces of flash fiction from over one thousand authors, we came to an inevitable conclusion: there is a lot of outstanding fiction being written, most of it by unpublished authors, most of whom are destined to remain unpublished.

Reflex Press is currently open to submissions of novels, novellas, and collections of short stories and flash fiction.

Here we go again.

Straw and Feathers is a collection of stories of ambition, love and loss, set in the past and present day.

Some of the lives captured in the stories:  a young man faces accusations of cowardice in 1916; a teacher’s encounter with a former pupil brings back lost memories; a daughter pays tribute to her dying father through fly fishing; a court solicitor helps a defendant pick up the pieces of his life; a family torn apart by a violent death try to get help; a hat maker’s career is threatened by radical changes in society in 1897 New York; a dog with Hollywood aspirations; what a quill pen maker expects of his new apprentice in Georgian Bath.

My collection is a mixture of flash stories (300 words) and longer stories up to 3-3,500 word.